How do I register for your driving school?

Register online, call 905-522-8381, or send us an email

How can I pay for your driving course?

For online course fees pay by e-Transfer. For the in-class course fees pay in-person, we accept cash or cheque.
Payment plans are also available.

What does the driving course include?

20 hours online or in-class lessons with 10 hours independent homework, and 10 hours in-car driving lessons.

Do I need a G1 licence before starting the program?

It is not necessary, you can take online or in-class lessons without your G 1 licence, but you must have a G1 to start your driving lessons.

What if I miss an in-class lesson?

Call or email us to arrange a make up lesson. We offer many options to accommodate your busy schedules.

When does the in-car driving lessons start?

After you complete the online or the in-class Lessons, finish all the homework and have paid in full.

Is it possible to start my driving lessons before I finish the classroom lessons?

Yes, if your G1 licence soon will be expired, or moving to the other city.

What if I have to cancel my appointment for my driving lesson?

Please call your driving instructor the day before your lesson. They require 24 hours cancellation notice.

How long will it take to finish the entire driving course?

On average it takes 2-3 months to complete the program. According to the MTO, you must complete the entire course within one year.

How do I qualify for MTO certification?

Complete 20 hours online or in-class lessons, 10 hours homework and10 hours in-car driving lessons. The entire driving course must be completed within one year.

How do I get my certificate for an insurance discount?

Contact the Service Ontario Licensing Office to obtain a copy of your “Drivers Licence History” then send it to your insurance company. Paper certificates are no longer issued by the Ministry.

When can I take my G2 road test?

You are eligible to take the road test 12 months after getting your G1 licence. However, if you complete the full course with the MTO certificate, your wait time will be reduced to 8 months.

How do I book my road test?

Your driving instructor will help you book your road test, or you can book your own by visiting, or call 1-800-570-6110.

Can I use the driving instructor’s car for the road test?

Yes, you may rent the car from your driving instructor at an additional cost.

Can I use my own car for the road test?

Yes, you have to make sure your car is in good working condition and safe to operate. Otherwise the examiner will cancel your road test.

What if I fail my test?

You can try again after 10 days. The MTO will allow you to retake the road test as many times as you have to until you pass.

When can I take my G road test?

One year from the date you got your G2 licence.

Do I have to take the Ministry-approved driving course?

It is not mandatory to take the full course in Ontario, but you get benefits from taking it. You can go for your G2 test sooner, and your insurance premiums are greatly reduced. The best benefit is that you will be a better driver with proper training.

I have a G2 licence, and never took the driving course, how can I get the insurance discount?

In order to get the insurance discount, you must take the MTO approved driving course.

I am new to Ontario. Do I need to take your driving course?

You need to talk to the Ministry of Transportation. Some licences can be exchanged for a full G licence, if not, you will get either a G1 or G2 licence. If you get a G1, we recommend you take the full course to get your G2 licence sooner, and reduce your insurance cost. If you get a G2 or G licence we recommend you take a few refresher driving lessons to familiarize yourself with Ontario’s roads and laws.